Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An end to life as we know it ....

There was some speculation the sky would fall.   Yes,  I bought a John Deere tractor.  Well, tractor might be stretching it. It burns fuel, moves, and has implements.  And no, it is not a Gator.  I bought Sue a John Deere lawnmower

We have my Husqvarna zero turn which has worked well for us.  I have done things with that I shouldn't have even tried. A quarter mile irrigator alley of blooming Mammoth Red Clover was almost too much for it, but after 2 passes looked great.   Anyway, Mom had the big old Cub Cadet with the 72" deck Dad bought to replace the B that she didn't drive any more.   Sue tried it and didn't like it either. After driving a zero turn for a while you hate having a steering wheel on a lawn mower.  So we traded the Cub Cadet for this.

Yes, there is more to the story.  At almost 500 hours my Husqvarna's Kohler engine developed an oil leak.  We tried fixing it and couldn't find it.  Finally took it to the dealer and they liked to not found it.  All told it was out of service about 3 weeks.  Fortunately it was very dry weeks and we had the Cub Cadet as a spare.  But the 72" deck was so wide we could only haul it on the car trailer. So we decided it was time to trade it for something we could use.

The Deere is not as heavy as my Husqvarna or Mom's Woods, but it will do fine for staying at my house for Sue to drive. I'll haul mine around to mow the various farm yards and lots I have to mow.

And the sky DID fall.  Sue went out the first time, turned on the mower, and it started raining.  Just enough to be aggravating for a few minutes, but the sky was falling.

I took it as an omen ... no more green tractors on this farm!


Jill B said...

Hey, I hadn't clicked through from my reader in a while (the page didn't load right in the reader) and saw your new template. I like it!

Jill B said...

P.S. Guess what image is my new desktop background at work. I think it will make me smile every time I get back down to the desktop.

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